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mynote 2.5.1

Finalmente dopo una lunga pausa siamo riusciti a trovare un po’ di tempo per sistemare alcuni bug presenti nella vecchia versione e ad aggiungere alcune funzioni che avevate chiesto. Eccovi quindi online la versione di MyNote! Purtroppo il programma non è ancora al livello che desideriamo ma abbiamo deciso di rilasciare questa versione per provare il comportamento su altri dispositivo. Ovviamente tutte le vostre segnalazioni e le vostre idee sono ben accette. Il supporto avviene solo sul Forum Ufficiale, quindi se avete qualche richiesta o commento quello è il posto adatto. Speriamo inoltre che vi piaccia anche la nuova grafica. A Presto

MyNote -
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11 Feb 2010 21:24

thanks for this new version, but i’m still having problems when deleting individual notes. in the previous version all notes were deleted when you only checked one, whereas in this version only one note is deleted, but that is often a different note than the one selected. samsung omnia, wm6.1. i’ll uninstall and await the next version.

MyLostBlog Team
11 Feb 2010 23:36

@ ejw
Are you sure? weird. nobody has encountered this problem until now and I have personally tried the program on omnia ..

12 Feb 2010 21:46

At least on my VGA/HTC Fuze, the deleting wrong notes problem has to do with where you tap a note. If you have six (or 9) notes on a page and you tap a note in row two between the top of the note and maybe 40% down the note, the note directly above it will be selected. Same thing happens if you tap a note in row 3, the note directly above it in row 2 is selected. Halfway down and below selects the proper note. You can tap the top row notes anywhere and they will still be highlighted. Works the same for saving, BT, delete or just moving a note.

So for now, just keep your finger or stylus towards the bottom half of a note and it should (hopefully) work.

Other than that though, really nice intuitive interface. Thanks.


MyLostBlog Team
13 Feb 2010 0:37

Thanks for the info.. problem fixed.. new version aviable tomorrow on

13 Feb 2010 1:54

Fantastic. Thanks.

Look forward to trying it out.


13 Feb 2010 13:18

OK, good news! I will install it as soon as possible and get back with the results.

14 Feb 2010 23:17

The grid size icons seem to be backwards. The leftmost icon has the most marks, but it produces the largest grid size (and less lines). The rightmost icon shows less marks, indicating larger gridsize, but it makes the smallest grid size.

22 Feb 2010 18:20

I wish to make a copy to wm 6.5


24 Feb 2010 8:59

This is the best Notetaking software out there. Small bug that I encounter is when trying to move a note on page 2. The note at the same location on page 1 is moved instead. Otherwise, well done. A perfect piece of work. I’m using Omnia II.

MyLostBlog Team
24 Feb 2010 16:24

@ kftgr
Thanks.. fixed :)

MyLostBlog Team
24 Feb 2010 16:24

@ Merx
Thanks.. i’ll try to fix it in the next release..

24 Feb 2010 22:02

you say it has been fixed, but i don’t see an updated version, neither here, nor on your forum. am i overlooking something? i’m looking forward to try the new version.

25 Feb 2010 22:37

I was detected this bug: to save a note (modified) previous saved, the system shows error message.

03 Mar 2010 15:31

great application! but i have qvga device and some images are not fit ;-(

06 Mar 2010 7:23

So has a new version been released since 2/13/10 with fixes? I only see v2.5.1 and the dates/file size have not changed.



25 Mar 2010 5:39

Just took a look at the preview for v2.6. Very nice! Guess I can wait a little longer.


31 Mar 2010 12:14

I am patronizing MyNote.
Because the device is FWVGA(854×480),
the background image becomes interrupted.

If it is possible to correspond, it is glad.

MyLostBlog Team
31 Mar 2010 14:20

what’s your device?? can you test a dedicated version??

31 Mar 2010 14:53

Thank you for the answer.
sorry I am using a smart phone of the Japan limitation.
OS:WM6.5Professional Japanese version

I want to cooperate in the test if it offers it!

29 Mag 2010 22:57


29 Mag 2010 22:58

Muito bom esse programa

17 Ago 2010 11:16

please add function “upload file..” on ftp, email

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